The Tennessee Community Property Trust - Discover the Secrets to Protecting the Family Nest Egg

Did You Know There is One Simple Strategy That You Can Use to Limit, or Even Completely Avoid Capital Gains Taxes?

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Nearly everyday I hear Tennessee Families tell me “we pay too much in taxes, and then we pay taxes again when we die. What can we do to stop this?”

Unfortunately, yes, we do pay too much in taxes, but it has gotten much better since 2010.

First, there is the Federal Income Tax. As we all know, this is a tax that is assessed on your income each year and can range between 10% to 39.6% of your income.

Second, there is the State Income Tax. Luckily, in Tennessee, we do not need to worry about a state income tax. (With the exception of the Hall Tax, which is being phased out)

Third, there is the death tax. This is a tax assessed on the transfer of wealth to the next generation at death. However, in Tennessee we do not have a death tax at the state level, and at the federal level, the exemption is $5.45 million. Therefore, for many of my clients, the death tax is just not an issue.

However, many families fail to consider the capital gains tax as an issue that can affect the family wealth after they are gone.

This Is Why I Have Recently Wrote the Following Legal Report


“The Tennessee Community Property Trust: Discover the Secrets on Avoiding Capital Gains Taxes, and Protecting the Family Wealth from Loss Due to Creditors, Divorce, Lawsuits, Predators, and Remarriage”


When a client contacts our office to schedule a meeting to discuss estate planning, wealth transfer, and tax planning, we normally charge $550 for a consultation. However, I am offering this valuable information to you FREE of charge because I believe that every Tennessee family should have this information on how to limit, or in some cases, avoid the payment of unnecessary taxes.


Simply Click the link below and fill out the contact form to download a Free copy of my latest report on estate planning and wealth transfer planning.


Remember Failing to Plan is the Same Thing as Planning to Fail!


Don’t Get Caught in the Trap of Your Family Wealth Being Reduced by Taxes, Creditors, Lawsuits, Predators, Divorce Claims, and Remarriage. Act Today and Download this Valuable Information on How to Protect Your Family Wealth!



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