Discover the Real Secrets Most People Will Never Know About Protecting Their Children’s Inheritance From Divorce, Creditors, Lawsuits, Predators, and Personal Injury Attorneys!

Discover the Real Secrets Most People Will Never Know About Protecting Their Children’s Inheritance From Divorce, Creditors, Lawsuits, Predators, and Personal Injury Attorneys!



You’ve done a great job in your life and you should congratulate yourself! You raised wonderful children who have become respectful and wonderful members of society. You have worked hard your whole life, saved your money, and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You likely understood the importance of estate planning and created a will, maybe a simple revocable living trust, powers of attorney, and living will by visiting the local attorney. You think you’ve got all your bases covered. Could your patchwork of wills, powers of attorney, and living will be a time bomb waiting to explode?

My name is Daniel Perry and I am estate planning lawyer here in Tennessee, and I have devoted my entire career to protecting the wealth that my clients have spent a lifetime to accumulate. Here at our firm we have a philosophy – it is why I am so passionate when I wake up and go into work each and every day – Protecting the Wealth of America – One Family at a Time.

We live in a very litigious society. Every day on the news we hear a news story about the next ridiculous lawsuit. However, here is a troubling statistic … 409,925. That is the number of personal injury lawsuits filed in the United States in 2016. That is 34,160 personal injury lawsuits filed every month. That is 1,123 personal injury lawsuits filed every day …. AND THAT IS 46 PERSONAL INJURY LAWSUITS FILED EVERY MINUTE!

Nobody wants to work their whole life to develop a nice little nest egg to pass on to their children and loved ones to just have it taken away by creditors, predators, frivolous lawsuits, and personal injury attorneys!

In addition, did you know 52% of all marriages end in divorce? Everyone would hate to discover that the wealth that you leave behind for your adult son or daughter is taken by an overbearing son-in-law or daughter-in-law in a divorce proceeding.

Unfortunately, if you fail to plan ahead, this is something that can happen to 52% of families and possibly 409,925 other families each year!

Let me share with you Amy’s Story and how she was able to use the strategies that you will learn in this Report to protect her family’s financial future. Amy and Elizabeth were lifelong friends. They went to grade school, high school, and college together. Amy and Elizabeth both were married to wonderful husbands and raised wonderful children. One day, Elizabeth’s husband Jim passed away suddenly. As it turned out, Elizabeth later passed away just a few years later following a short illness. Elizabeth and Jim had wills that divided their assets equally among their three surviving children. Each child inherited approximately $250,000 each.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth wasn’t aware that planning for the transfer of wealth is more than just wills and powers of attorney. It is planning for the protection of that wealth for your children and loved ones. You see, Elizabeth’s oldest son John, recently filed for divorce from his wife. Unfortunately, 50% of John’s inheritance went to his former spouse.

Having heard this story and wanting to avoid what happened to Elizabeth’s family happen to her family, Amy visited with an attorney and set up a comprehensive family wealth transfer plan that ensured that her children’s inheritance would be protected from divorce, creditors, lawsuits, predators, and personal injury attorneys!

If only Elizabeth would have acted early, she may have been able to protect what she accumulated during her lifetime to pass intact to her children and not to creditors, predators, divorce, and other lawsuits!


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You really have two choices: You Can Hope that the patchwork of wills and powers of attorney that you created years ago will cover you when you are gone, or you can download my FREE Book and …

Discover the Secrets Most People Will Never Know About Protecting Their Children’s Inheritance from Divorce, Creditors, Lawsuits, Other Predators, and Personal Injury Attorneys!



 (Discover The Wonderful Experience That Other Clients Have Had With Fidelis Law Law!)

“Having realized the need to place our estate in a trust, we attended a seminar given by Dan Perry which proved to be very informative and beneficial. He thoroughly covered all aspects and answered all questions proving he was fully knowledgeable of the trust process. Dan Perry and Ed Phillips fully satisfied my desire to complete my estate planning, and they both were a pleasure to work with” – R.A. Latourette of Murfreesboro, Tennessee


“I have dealt with several attorney in my lifetime both professionally and personally and I am happy to say that Dan Perry of Fidelis Law, PLLC is another outstanding person of talent and ability. I met him through an instructional forum and knew immediately I needed his work for both my father and my personal estate as well. He offered us the work needed and in the most time efficient way imaginable. My father was completely at ease with Dan’s instruction and advice. The month following my father’s trust, my wife and I completed our trusts with corresponding wills and directives. I am forever appreciative that Dan has taken two burdens off our list and I heartedly recommend his services for your estate needs.” – Kenneth W. and Sandra E. Southerland of Franklin, Tennessee.


“Wish we had known about you a few years ago. From our first meeting we felt comfortable with the way you went about putting us at ease about you and your services. We have confidence in your knowledge of estate laws. We also like the idea of continuing updates in changes in the laws. You made us aware of many things that could be of benefit to us that we had not been aware of. The cost of your services was much less than we expected. Thank you for your assistance and continuing help in making a comprehensive plan for our estate and future.” – Fred and Gora Watts of Jacksboro, Tennessee


“It was a pleasure working with Dan Perry and his staff to do our estate planning. It was something that needed to be done and was long overdue. He was clear, concise, and made everything easy for us to understand and got it completed. I recommend Dan Perry to anyone who needs to get their estate planning in order.” – Tom and Marcia Knowles of Thompson Station, Tennessee


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