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One of the core practice areas of Fidelis Law, PLLC is the Business and Corporate Law Practice Group. As a business owner and entrepreneur, Daniel Perry is very much aware of the difficulties and unique issues that affect every small business owner in America. Business owners wear many different hats from CEO, CFO, President of Sales, Customer Service Manager, and even Marketing Director. Dan brings this awareness in his unique approach to the Business and Corporate Law Practice Group. Dan approaches each business client in a consultative approach not only as an attorney, but as their trusted business advisor.

Fidelis Law, PLLC represents privately-held and non-profit companies in a wide array of business matters including:

  • Selecting the appropriate form of business organization
  • Forming business organizations and preparing all documents necessary for the creation and governance of corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships
  • Negotiating and preparing documents related to business organizations, such as shareholder agreements, operating agreements, and partnership agreements
  • Negotiating and preparing documents between business organizations and key employees, including employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, and non-compete agreements
  • Representing sellers and purchasers in connection with business acquisitions (including both stock and asset acquisitions), mergers, combinations and joint ventures
  • Counseling on the structure and tax implications of business acquisitions, business reorganizations, joint ventures, and partnerships
  • Advising on gift and estate tax planning, including planning for business succession and family limited partnership
  • Forming non-profit organizations and preparing all documents necessary to apply for Federal tax-exempt status
  • Representing businesses and business owners in disputes among or between the business organization and its shareholders, members, or partners
  • Representing businesses and/or their owners in various types of litigation arising out of the organization and operating of a business including minority shareholder suits, actions for the appointment of custodians or liquidators, and similar litigation
  • Representing businesses in resolving and litigation of commercial disputes of all types, including breach of contract suits and suits seeking injunctive relief to restrain violation sof non-compete and confidentiality agreements
  • Employee Stock Option and Incentive Plans
  • Stock Option & Phantom Stock Agreements
  • Negotiating and Establishing Deferred Compensation Agreements
  • Licensing & Distribution Agreements
  • Joint Ventures


In addition, Dan is also the author of several books that he gives out FREE of Charge:


“So, You’ve Decided to Start Your Own Business”

“Nine Reasons Business Owners Pay Too Much in Taxes”

“Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Especially With a Business Partner”

“Time to Expand: The Business Owner’s Guide to Acquiring Additional Companies”


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