Elder Abuse Enforcement Just Got a Much Needed Shot in the Arm from the Tennessee Legislature | Nashville Tennessee Elder Law Attorney

The Tennessee Legislature has issued new bills this legislative session in an attempt to further protect victims of elder abuse. The recent statistics are alarming. Elder abuse and abuse against vulnerable adults has increased by 20% over the last decade according to a News Channel 11 article. As a result, three bills have been introduced into the Tennessee legislature meant to combat the increasing incidents of elder abuse.

Senate Bills 1192, 1230, and 1267 would expand protection for elder abuse vicitms, as well as enhance the punishment on those who commit elder abuse. 

Senate Bill 1192 makes changes to securities regulation in the State of Tennessee, and enhances penalties where senior citizens or vulnerable adults are the victims of the offense. Senate Bill 1230 creates Class C and Class D felonies for those who are convicted of exploiting senior citizens or other vulnerable adults. Finally, Senate Bill 1267 seeks to promote education on elder and vulnerable adult abuse, and what we can do to combat this increasing epidemic in our state.

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