Why Are People Not Motivated When It Comes to Estate Planning?

As an estate planning attorney, I see every day the hesitancy in people to want to get their “legal house” in order. In one way, I can understand. There is a finality when you complete your Will and Trust, Powers of Attorney and Living Will. This the legal plan that will control what happens to you when you are gone, how much money you will be leaving behind, and what will happen if you become injured, sick, or incapacitated.

However, this is also a topic that people just do not want to think about (let alone talk about). You have to discuss the concept of what will happen when you pass away, what you want to happen, and who you want to be in charge of managing your affairs after you are gone. For this reason, many people are just not motivated to get started or complete their estate planning.

There is another more basic reason that people are not motivated when it comes to estate planning … it is not important to them. What I have noticed is that when something is not important, we as human beings, tend to put it off for another day. Unfortunately, in many cases, “another day”, never comes and we are forced to assist families with an uncomfortable and expensive estate settlement process.

Getting started with and completing your estate planning with your estate attorney is something that should be very important to you! When you take the time to complete your estate planning, the following is a list of gifts that you are providing to our family:

  • Ease of Estate Settlement
  • Privacy of Family Affairs
  • Limiting Costs
  • Protecting Your Children’s Inheritance from Divorce, Creditors, Lawsuits, and Other Predators
  • Reducing Income Taxes
  • Ensuring Your Children Are Take Care Of (if you have minor children at your death)
  • Avoiding Unnecessary Court Intervention


There is much more that I could discuss here on reasons why everyone needs to be motivated to get started with their estate planning (and this includes young people too! My wife and I have two small children, and we have completed our estate planning to protect our children).

Once you are motivated to get started with your estate planning, your next step should be to get educated on the various estate planning strategies available to you and your family. You can do this by downloading free books and other information on estate planning. We have plenty of free books and information you can access by clicking here. Another great way is to attend an educational workshop on estate planning. We hold educational workshops on estate planning every month. You can access our schedule and complete your reservation by Clicking Here.

Once you are motivated, educated, and ready to complete your estate planning, schedule a time to meet with your Nashville, Tennessee Estate Planning Attorney to discuss your estate legal questions and determine which type of planning is best for you and your family.

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