The Number of Americans Who Have a Will Is Declining

Today, I was reading an article that made an incredible statement.

44% of Americans report having a will.

This is down from 51% in 2005!

This was even seen with some of the wealthiest Americans. As you may recall, the musical artist, Prince, died without a will in place.

As shocking as this may sound, it is even more shocking if you read in between the lines.

44% of Americans report having a will. What about all the other necessary planning that is required for families to be protected such as:


  • Protecting Your Family From an Unnecessary and Expensive Probate Proceeding
  • Protecting Your Children’s Inheritance from Divorce Claims, Creditor Claims, Lawsuits, and Other Predators
  • Leaving Your IRA to Your Children in a Manner That Protects It From Frivolous Spending and Unnecessary Taxes
  • Ensuring Your Surviving Spouse Does Not Pay Any Unnecessary Capital Gains Taxes
  • Making Sure Court Proceedings Are Avoided Should Your Children or Other Heirs Predecease You or Are Disabled At The Time of Your Death
  • Making Sure That You Have Someone Designated to Make Your Financial and Healthcare Decisions Should You Become Disabled
  • Making Sure That Your Estate and Assets Are Properly Protected From Unnecessary Nursing Home Costs
  • Understanding the Rules of the TennCare CHOICES Program
  • Making Sure That the Manner You Leave Assets Behind Are Just as Important as What You Leave Behind
  • If You Have Minor Children, Making Sure That They Are Not Admitted Into Temporary Foster Care and Ensuring That They Receive Their Inheritance in the Right Manner and at the Right Time
  • And Much, Much More!


I am continually surprised when I speak with clients and learn that they have incomplete planning, outdated and inadequate planning, or even no planning at all late into their 60s, 70s, and even 80s.

The greatest gift you can leave behind for your children and loved ones is to ensure that they are protected in the event of your death, and that you have done absolutely everything to make things as easy as possible for them when you pass away.


You spent a lifetime accumulating your assets, why not spend a few weeks with us putting a plan in place to protect your assets and your cherished loved ones.


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