Protecting Your Children - A Will Is Simply Not Enough!

Let’s imagine the following story for a moment …


You are on your way to work, just as you do every day. You wake up, you get yourself and your kids ready for school. You get everyone into the car, you drive to school and drop you kids off and tell them goodbye. You leave the parking lot and head toward work …


All of a sudden you are involved in an automobile accident and killed.


Your spouse cannot be located because he or she is out of town on a business trip, and your closest relative is a five-hour drive away.


The police are working to notify your next of kin and now it is almost 4:00pm. It is becoming more and more apparent that the children will be out of school soon.


The police realize they have no choice but to contact the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. The children are picked up from school and placed into the temporary custody of Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.


Buy Why Did This Happen?


Most people have the false sense of security that they have planned for the unexpected. They completed their Will or Trust naming the guardian of their children, they completed their Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney, and Advanced Healthcare Directive, and they think that everything is in place.


However …


No one has the legal authority to take temporary custody of your children. Not only that, the following is a list of legal issues that could develop in the months and years ahead …


  1. Your Children Could Be Placed in the Custody and Care of Someone You Would Never Choose


  1. A Judge Will Ultimately Decide Who Will Raise Your Children


  1. A Long Custody Fight Between Grandparents Could Follow, Or There Might Be a Challenge to the Guardians Your Designated In Your Will or Trust


  1. People Could Take Advantage of Your Children When They Turn 18 and Receive Whatever Assets Are Left Following Years of Court Hearings, Court Battles, and Unnecessary Legal Fees


Unfortunately, these tragic events happeIf you are a parent, and this story causes you concern, please CLICK HERE to Schedule Your Legacy Planning Strategy Session Today!

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