Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, and YouTube: What Happens To Your Digital Assets After You Die?

A question that we may never bother or even stop to think about is what happens to my digital and online accounts after I die such as my email accounts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Well, the simple answer is that if you do nothing, then nothing will happen to these accounts. What is usually the case is that these accounts continue on after you are gone for an indefinite period of time, or, depending upon the terms and conditions of certain social media accounts and email accounts, your account is eventually deleted due to inactivity.

However, many people have certain digital assets contained within their accounts that are very valuable to him or her. For example, pictures from life events, important and valuable documents that are of significant business and monetary value that are maintained online, and even some people are business owners where there most valuable documents and secrets are maintained and backed up through an exclusively electronic and online database. Therefore, for these certain people, especially business owners, the question regarding his or her digital assets after death is certainly an important question.

However, an option is to simply plan ahead to avoid losing these accounts and these extremely important documents from access due to your death. An important strategy and tool is to maintain, along with your other estate planning documents, a list of the names of all your important accounts and passwords, and where each account and important document can be located online. Therefore, with advanced planning, your social media accounts, email accounts, and electronically stored and valuable documents can be immediately accessed in the event of your death. Furthermore, you do not risk losing these assets because there were unknown by other family members when you die.

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